About Earn Your Future® Digital Classroom

Interactive curricula designed to empower young minds with financial and economic knowledge.

Earn Your Future Digital Classroom is a comprehensive financial literacy program designed for students in grades 3-12. Students engage with financial literacy concepts through innovative self-paced modules featuring custom videos, animations, and interactive activities. Educators are supported with embedded student assessment tools with real-time feedback, Educator Guides and Module Resource Guides. Content is impactful, relatable, and aligned with Council for Economic Education standards.

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Elementary school

Level 1

Introduce your 3-5 grade students to the important concepts of earning, spending, saving and investing money.

Middle school

Level 2

Explore the world of personal finance with your 6-8 grade students and continue to build their financial knowledge tool chest to help them plan for their future and make smart decisions about money.

High school

Level 3

Prepare your 9-12 students for life after high school with a look into careers and income, saving strategies, responsible use of credit, budgeting, home buying principles, understanding risk and insurance, the stock market, and more.

Council for Economic Education Standards

National standards for financial literacy

Council for Economic Education (CEE) is the national leader in economic and financial education of students in kindergarten through 12th grade. For over 65 years, the CEE has been committed to teaching students to become more informed citizens and participants in the global economy. The Earn Your Future Digital Classroom content is aligned to the National Standards for Financial Literacy created by the CEE as a framework for teaching personal finance. By aligning to CEE standards, the Earn Your Future Digital Classroom helps students master the fundamentals of personal finance, including:

  • Earning income
  • Buying goods and services
  • Using credit
  • Saving
  • Financial investing
  • Protecting and insuring

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